What Is the Summit of the Americas?

Video Transcript | Interactive Travel Map | Text the SecretaryThis is the first in a series of four videos introducing the Fifth Summit of the Americas. The Summit will be held in Trinidad and Tobago April 17-19, 2009 under the theme of "Securing our Citizens Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability."

What is the Summit of the Americas? The answer to this and other frequently asked questions about the Summit are provided in this video. Visit the Fifth Summit of the Americas Digital Town Hall to learn, share and discuss how we all can work together throughout the Americas.



New York, USA
April 14, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

The Presence of the Past: Global Asset Foreiture Now.

Why is Trinidad and Tobago the most appropriate and significant host for the Summit of the Americas?

Because Trinidad and Tobago recognized the threat of global drug trafficking to human security and called for the seizing of illicit drug assets to combat the trade. T&T brought the issue to the UN in 1988. Imagine the fund available for Human Security and rosperity, had their proposal been adopted. Why not approve it at this Summit?

Jennifer S.
West Virginia, USA
April 14, 2009

Jennifer S. in West Virginia writes:

I am completely blown away by your development and use of social networking!! This is so impressive, and I can't wait to share it with my students! Keep up this impressive work!

California, USA
April 15, 2009

Lou in California writes:

Mexico and Canada are part of the North American Continent; yet, we only have immigration issues with Mexico. How can we help Mexico prosper so that the flow of immigrants can be halted. Ask any illegal immigrants why they are here and all they want is a better way of life and to work to help families at home. How can we help Mexico prosper when the country itself if full of corruption. The ruling candidate from the ruling party always wins. Why even hold elections? The elections are a farce. The current problem is the drug wars which threaten to spill over into the U.S. The corruption must end before things can improve for the people. The corruption must end so that they can truly be partners in the fruitless and futile war on drugs. Attempts have been made since the Reagan Administration but it is stil here. Sure, pictures of confiscations are paraded in front of the media so that the citizens can be fooled into beleiving that we are doing a goood job of halting the spread of drugs. But, it is still here. 700 million dollars thrown at the drug war is just a waste of money. Another waste of money is continuing building the border wall. Secretary Neopolitan opposes the wall but money is still being spent and it is still being built. Immigration (illegal), will always be a part of our lifes until the situation in Mexico improves and until they hold truly Democratic elections.

Pennsylvania, USA
April 15, 2009

Helen in Pennsylvania writes:

I am concerned about the drug problem that is a big problem in most of the Countries in America. I hope that this issue will also be discussed.

Oregon, USA
April 15, 2009

Michael in Oregon writes:

This is a good idea if everyone is on the same page of compromise & using the best ideas & not special intrest ideas. This can & will be a powerful tool the more the countries meet & the more effort each one puts in to make this world a better place!

Tennessee, USA
April 15, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

1. National Security issues as narcotics by both the Americas countries and foreign firms masking in those countries.

2. National Security issues as viable Citizen Identifications and cross border checks. Our worry is not those trying to use U.S. passports, but those who can easily obtain them in many South and Central American countries.

3. National Security issues as foreign interest as with China. A meeting this week in Venezuela for investment, oil and expanding Socialism is on the Chavez agenda. Russia this week is in Chile discussing military hardware sales and cross trade issues. These are our borders and need constant vigilance from both an economic standpoint and security issues as the possible sale and use of Rodman naval base by Russia recently.

It is about much more than trade and people relationships and I sincerely hope it is discussed.

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
April 14, 2009


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