Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton at NATO

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The NATO Foreign Ministerial that just ended turned out to be just the success we hoped it would be.

Allies strongly endorsed President Obama’s approach toward Afghanistan, with countries pledging to do more in terms of troops, trainers, and trust fund monies. Allies and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) partners pledged to contribute about 7,000 troops, and several thousand more will likely be forthcoming in the near future. ISAF countries also began a discussion on improving civilian coordination, with an eye to agreeing on new mechanisms by the time of the London Conference.

Allies embraced the President’s Phased, Adaptive Approach to Missile Defense, which will in the not too distant future help protect allied populations, territory and forces from growing missile threats.

Allies agreed to provide Membership Action Plan (MAP) to Montenegro and reached a compromise on Bosnia that enables Sarajevo to get MAP once it achieves the necessary progress in its reform efforts. Reaching this consensus was difficult, but in the end, all allies agreed to support the compromise.

NATO countries and Russia formally restarted the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) by convening the first formal ministerial meeting since December 2007. The NRC Ministers agreed to restructure the NRC, launch a joint review of 21st Security Challenges, and a Work Program for 2010.

Because of these successes, the road to the Lisbon Summit next November looks brighter than it did only a few days ago.



South Korea
December 5, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

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Also country Germany where the machine industry advances stays and for a few days the thought. The college students educational expense almost difference of no charge and the school between almost knows with the fact that is not. Thinks big competitive power. By the way, Shortly makes the duration of college education the web article was difficult in repelling where the reform bill is big and read, but While university attending from the place which relates with the major field of study of oneself 6 months or the employment which combines 1 year degree on-the-job training, The government connection the system to make - certainly isn't the necessity which will adhere Germany domestic - the thing which is enforcing from the university?

There will be a job to the depression being whole world-wide and the worry which does to peel is, but the thought which is a thing where the place which is the clearance which is social will be many holds. 300~500ã?

Wants only the person whom..

just so.....

Virginia, USA
December 5, 2009

Jack in Virginia writes:

We in the United States often debate the impact of President Obama's likeability on the international stage. Yes, he can draw the masses at the Brandenburg Gate, but how has his popularity and leadership actually translated into tangible gains for the US abroad? The fact that NATO has stepped up to the plate and committed more troops is a testament to the leadership of this administration. President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Secretary Gates, and General Jones should all be commended for their leadership. This is, indeed, the restoration of American leadership abroad.

I wish our friends at NATO would contribute far more to the situation in Afghanistan (afterall, this is their problem, too), but the fact that they are doing so when it not politically expediant in their own home countries says something about US leadership abroad.

Keep up the good work, Secretary Clinton. We've got a long road ahead, but for those who are keeping score, you just scored an importnt three-pointer at the buzzer. The game's not over, but you take us into the next quarter in a much stronger position.

Best regards,


Vermont, USA
December 16, 2009

Karen in Vermont writes:

Please help to bring Anya home to her sister. Keri is a fantastic mom who whats her adoptive family to be together.

December 7, 2009

Cursos in Spain writes:

I hope the best for all the Summit of the Nato and with it will get into a pacefull world with cursos about the life.

Missouri, USA
December 7, 2009

Scott in Missouri writes:

We need to stop Israel from building more settlements on stolen land, on brutally stolen land. see benny morris.

South Korea
December 7, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

Is a writing which writes in White House home page. That is conceited, thinks only,

"Afghanistan.- 2011 approves to a evacuation plan. The probably different opinion occurring fifth case maybe, thinks solves the situation which does not know the plan of preparation for. (Appears the thing to be being the interest where also the central Asia nations are many with unexpected.Goods base? ) What criticizes and only will accept, thinks that the "cooperation" is important."

yes, good.
we need promise(not quite but the "will" was firm)

Is a quite conceited writing. By the way, want to do.

The help is not but the supporter.

Maryland, USA
December 7, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, People of NATO and Ambasssador Ivo Daalder.

The photos look good .Thanks for posting, about the Success of the NATO meetings. I think you all did a extremely good job to bring about this positive outcome. :)

...Have a Great week ...:) C-You-all later...

NATO Foreign Ministers Pose for a Group Photo at NATO Headquarters
Secretary Clinton, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband Chat Prior to a Group Photo
Secretary Clinton Speaks with Counterparts at NATO Headquarters
Secretary Clinton Addresses the Media at NATO Headquarters
Secretary Clinton Shakes Hands with UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Secretary Clinton with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at NATO Headquarters
Posted by Ivo Daalder
December 5, 2009


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