Secretary Clinton To Participate in Online Dialogue With Egyptian Youth

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On February 23, 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will respond to questions from Egyptian youth during a social media dialogue hosted by the Egyptian online news and information portal

On February 20, launched a dedicated page on their website titled "Hillary Clinton Engages in Dialogue with Egyptian Youth." The page is specially designed to collect questions from Egyptians, from which will choose several to conduct an exclusive interview with Secretary Clinton. Masrawy's U.S.-based correspondent Dr. Ahmed Ghanim will moderate the discussion in the State Department's studio on February 23, and the interview will appear on later that day.

Users are invited to submit written and video questions at, via Masrawy's Twitter feed @masrawyfans, or the Department of State's Arabic Twitter account, @USAbilAraby. also collected questions in Tahrir Square during the recent gathering on Friday, February 18. To date, users have submitted nearly 6,500 written questions, videos and audio files for the social media dialogue with Secretary Clinton.

In Egypt, youth played an instrumental role in the unprecedented protests that have created a new chapter in the country's history. The United States is committed to engaging with youth and civil society around the world, whose voices play a vital role in shaping their communities and future. Furthermore, as Secretary Clinton reiterated in her recent speech on "Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices and Challenges in a Networked World," protecting the universal human rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association online as well as offline are central to the United States' foreign policy agenda.

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Joseph M.
Oregon, USA
February 23, 2011

Joseph M. in Oregon writes:

Madam Secretary,

In reading of the initiative announced today, where Secretary Hillary will be engaging with the Egyptian youth in dialogue and addressing a Q/A type session, well, this is the best news I've heard this week. This program is truly remarkable!

These are exactely the types of programs and initiatives that the EU member states were discussing with the world leaders present, last week during the Munich conference.

This engagement with the Egyptian youth should be made a model and applied to other Arab nation states in the region, new democracies will result in each countries' youth being placed in a extremely vulnerable situation. I would consider adapting this model in other Arab nations experiencing change, for example: Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain and Jordon in naming a few.

I am very pleased and proud of our U.S. Department of State in reading about this newly organized initiative, where a intiative has been developed and implemented for actually engaging with the Egyptian youth.

Fantastic news, congratulations on this effort, thank-you.

February 23, 2011

Abdelrhman in Egypt writes:

mrs. hillary clinton; why do you want to talk to egyption youth? I think that the egyption youth have stamina and ability to override the many problems that they are going through.Where were you for thirty years ago?

Carl J.
District Of Columbia, USA
February 25, 2011

Carl J. in Washington writes:

This is a good, positive development. Egypt is by no means out of the woods yet, and neither are Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria, and this ongoing dialog about democracy with grass roots people is potentially very useful.
Another positive thing the US could do with regard to African problems is to coordinate our policies with the democratic governments on the African Continent. The governments of South Africa and Namibia have recent, successful revolutionary experience. If we can combine that revolutionary experience with American economic strength and American technology, we can promote a strong movement for democratic change throughout the African Continent, and that would be good for US interests and good for the people of Africa.

Secretary Clinton Speaks at the State Department Jan 14, 2011
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February 22, 2011


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