U.S. Supports International Efforts To Assist People Fleeing the Crisis in Libya

The United States is currently providing USAID humanitarian aid supplies to Djerba, Tunisia. Yesterday, March 4, 2011, two C-130 aircraft from Ramstein Air Base based in Germany delivered a total of 2,000 blankets, 40 rolls of plastic sheeting, and 9,600 10-liter water containers. The humanitarian relief supplies, sufficient for up to 2,000 beneficiaries, will be given to the Tunisia Red Crescent for distribution and benefit people fleeing the violence in Libya.

Today, in support of international efforts to provide critical humanitarian aid to people fleeing the crisis in Libya, the United States announced a $3 million contribution to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as part of a joint U.S.-IOM partnership to strengthen efforts to return home thousands of Egyptians and other nationals from Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia who fled Libya and are now in Tunisia. Earlier today, U.S. government officials worked with IOM to identify Egyptian nationals who have subsequently been transported by two U.S. Marine KC-130 aircraft which departed Djerba, Tunisia carrying a total of 132 Egyptians (65 and 67 passengers each). Two additional U.S. Air Force C-130s en route to Tunisia will evacuate another group of Egyptian nationals in need of transportation. All four planes are expected to arrive in Cairo later this evening.

You can read more about these efforts here on www.defense.gov.



March 6, 2011

D. writes:

a good information, thanks a lot

March 6, 2011

J. in Canada writes:

Very good work. This kind of program should be embraced. This will help stabilize and perhaps have other desirable effects in the region. I hope other nations respond in kind.

Joseph M.
Oregon, USA
March 6, 2011

Joseph M. in Oregon writes:

Glad to see the monumental USAID logistical and humanitarian support orchestrated in the Mediterranean region, this is truly good news for the thousands of refugees who are fleeing the violence in Libya. I am also pleased in reading about the aggressive measures and steps taken by the international community in pursuing indictments for the Qaddafi regime and his entourage for "Crimes Against Humanity" and future prosecution by the ICC.

That said, the outcome for this civil uprising and conflict will be decisive for the opposition by early next week. I think that the demonstrators have lost the momentum needed in overtaking Tripoli, due to a confluence of circumstances, mainly generated by Qaddafi's willingness in reverting to violence, not seen since the regime assumed control in 1969. The Chavez plan calling for multi-national negotiations would raise many more questions. By assuming the multi-national negotiation and approach, this would obviously have to include the demands of the rebels, protesters and Libyan opposition, they want Qaddafi to step down and form a new government.

Qaddafi, is very unlikely to give up his power willingly, the rebels and protesters have already lost the momentum needed for the movement to succeed in Libya. Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, Qaddafi has successfully, discouraged the Tripoli population from conducting any further protests, by "offering more monetary incentives to the general working class and by the mere threat of shooting and attacking any future protesters". The Chavez approach would be very difficult, but worth a try, preferred over a complicated "no-flying zone" being established, but would the protesters agree to it and go along with the Chavez model for negotiation?

March 6, 2011

Mustafa in Sudan writes:

Please do help Darfurians who stucked there please they loosing hope!and you can help them through Drufrian activists

March 6, 2011

W.W. writes:

Colonel Gheddafi Investment were made for libyan People and certenaly are surely better then U.S. Gov made for its own american citizen...Libyans are actually rich and thanks to his smart leader

March 6, 2011

W.W. writes:

Libya Is under al qaeda terroristic and political attack...so egypt so algeria so tunisia...

Russia will stand soon for colonel Gheddafi backing rebels...

New Mexico, USA
March 6, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Pres. Obama, Sec. of State, Sec. of Defense, and those concerned,

I honestly don't know what the international community is thinking as it sits on it's hands while Ghaddafi remains in power to unleash unlimited war on his people.

You can treat the symptoms, provide a little aid and comfort, maybe some transport to refugees to get back home from the conflict.

But folks arn't doing a damn thing to stop the slaughter and watching passively while this divolves into a protracted civil war, while NATO and our Sec. of Defense think of every reason possible not to take direct military action to remove Ghaddafi by force to protect populations.

Wake up folks! A WMD has been unleashed. It has a name. It has sons that do his bidding.

Supposedly these parameters justified the removal of Saddam after the fact, so let's make it stick in this case.

Ghaddafi unleashed war on his people and they've taken up arms to defend themselves, the least we can do is level the playing field and create the peace from scratch, by eliminating Ghaddafi's ability to make war...forget a no-fly zone, and get real.

If politicians and governments are going to concoct more lame excuses to not do anything about the "unacceptable", then you might as well declare failure of moral certitude and resign , accepting the unacceptable as the status quo while the rest of this planet goes strait to hell, for lack of tryin' to get your act together and create a better world.

You did alright about half the way there, and now it looks to me like you'all have set yourselves up rather neatly to fall flat on your collective faces in response to this nightmare.

Well, let me just say that there is an alternative to political stupidity, but it involves a kinetic solution and the supporting diplomacy...and a little courage.

That's if you think saving several hundred thousand lives over the next year to 18 months is in everyone's national interests.

How do we pay for it? one asks,...well take that 30 bil in frozen assets and put it to good use for the Lybian people, as we shouldn't have to pay a dime in US taxdollars to liberate them.

I know folks @ State will just love me for saying this, but you know folks, there's a time for talkin' and a time to pull out the "can o' whup-ass" on ethical infants.

Now is one of those times and it's in your face...so put a screeching halt to criminal stupidity already.

Simple policy directive..."you use it, you lose it." and since Ghaddafi has, it's time to take his toys away and send him to prison...so let's serve the warrant without delay!

Just how long do you folks want to put up with this?

Till your policy is declared a failure by the people who count on us to be the beacon of hope and freedom around the world?

Clock's ticking....good luck with it,


Joseph M.
Oregon, USA
March 6, 2011

Joseph M. in Oregon writes:

@ Eric in New Mexico,

The U.S. involvement in Libya is much more complex than simply saying "we are on the side of human-rights, democracy, morality and the freedom of the people to assemble and to stand up to longstanding authoritarian, autocratic governance". They are dealing with a brutal dictator and his entourage, who has had a hold on the Libyan people since 1969 and who holds a percentage of the population who firmly support him.

The U.S. is already involved in five conflicts, in Muslim nations and due to the monumental errors judgement related to U.S. foreign policy, made by the Obama administration's predecessors, we are in an absolute mess now. Our continued presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and engagement in countries like Pakistan and Yemen have created a geopolitical polarizing situation. From Afghanistan, Iraq to Pakistan and Yemen, as soon as the U.S., along with NATO allies would intervene in a direct engagement roll in Libya, no matter how good intentioned, the international community would be against us, we are still in Iraq and the international community would draw this parallel to Libya. Besides, it really is up to the demonstrators in Libya, the opposition as to what extend they would want the West or outside entities in supporting there cause. As I said before, they've lost the momentum needed and they are lacking in the fire power for overtaking Tripoli and strategic cities in Western Libya.

Eric (from New Mexico), I like your analysis and suggestions, but first we have to completely dis-engage militarily in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, before we would have greater latitude in engaging elsewhere. This has turned out to be a very violent, brutal civil war, unseen in Libya since the 1969 revolution.

March 7, 2011

W.W. writes:

Colonel Does not have any power that's the issue ...

Chances al qaeda beyond the revolt

PM urges Colonel Gaddafi to “go now”

Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi to “go now” as the UK imposed sanctions in an effort to force him from power.

The UK, in line with a United Nations Security Council resolution, has frozen the assets of Gaddafi and his family and barred them from entering the UK.

Mr Cameron said: “All of this sends a clear message to this regime: it is time for Colonel Gaddafi to go and to go now.

“There is no future for Libya that includes him.”

The Prime Minister, speaking inside Downing Street, also said that he was “delighted” at the success of a second special forces-led operation to rescue oil workers stuck in the remote Libyan desert.

The PM welcomed the safe extraction of another 150 civilians – including an unspecified number of UK nationals – in three RAF Hercules transport planes to Malta.

He said:

“Obviously Libya is a country in complete chaos and so it is difficult to arrange these things. But it was the right thing to do and I pay tribute to the very brave pilots and armed services personnel who managed to help so many British citizens back to safety and I am delighted they have been able to do that.”

The UN Security Council agreed to refer the brutal repression of the popular uprising to the International Criminal Court as well as approving an asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo.

The UK asset freeze on Mr Gaddafi, five of his children “and those acting on their behalf” was announced by Chancellor George Osborne after being formally approved at a Privy Council meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

March 7, 2011

W.W. writes:

US attack on Libya, big mistake- official Tehran, March 6, IRNA – The Armed Forces Chief of Staff said here on Sunday that any likely attack on Libya by the US will bring about a strategic failure to Washington.

Talking to reporters, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said the US wants to mount attack on Libya and says it aims to do what it has done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

'… but it will be a ghastly mistake,' Firouzabadi said, adding 'Libya is neither Iraq nor Afghanistan, and situation in this country is completely different from those states.

Any attack on Libya will create a situation in which the US officials will stand against the Libyan people, he added.

He further added it will also lead to development of anti-Imperialism approaches around the world.

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30283157

New Mexico, USA
March 7, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

With all due respect Joeseph, I don't want to hear your excuses either, and we don't need to invade Lybia to liberate the people. The taliban were removed from power with 310 spec/opps and cia personel helping the Northern Alliance with targeting.

Weve done this before and we have the capacity right now to do it again to any tin-horn dictator anywhere in the world for about 20 billion.

Our job is simple, strait forward; eliminate Ghaddafi's capacxity to make war...period. We don't have to worry about breaking something and then owning it because it's already broke as a system of government and society, Ghaddafi saw to that already.

When there is nothing left to fight with, then there will be peace from scrtatch. So basicly we do what we do rather well, demolition of intent and taking out hardware.

Worry about nation-building when he's gone and the bullets have stopped flying.

I give it about two sustained weeks for the US to turn his armor, etc. to smoking ruin, and the world can be witness again to a US sponsored turkey-shoot on CNN.

Then the people can do for themselves what they need to.

And USAID can follow-up and do its thing.

If not, then all those nice words about human rights don't mean squat. It's just another con-job governments are pulling on the people to make themselves look good and self important while supposedly dealing with a crisis.

Looks to me like there is a distinct lack of follow through on the rhetoric by this Admin.. If you want Ghaddafdi gone, then just give him a shove, and do what it takes.

Personally I don't like my analysis, but it is accurate and describes the very limited choices left for the President to make good on his words.


Airman Loads USAID Containers in Italy
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March 5, 2011


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