Ambassador Rice Delivers Remarks at UN Security Council Stakeout on Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan

Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks at the UN Security Council Stakeout on Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, and Sudan at the United Nations in New York on August 10, 2011. In addition to U.S. assistance to the Horn of Africa emergency, Ambassador Rice highlighted President Obama's statement condemning the violence being perpetrated by the Assad regime.

Ambassador Rice said, "...This morning we had a very important briefing from SRSG Mahiga on Somalia. Also, a very disturbing humanitarian update from Catherine Bragg, of OCHA, and we are in the process of continuing that discussion behind closed doors in the Council consultations room. The United States underscored our strong support for the work of SRSG Mahiga, for the good work of AMISOM. And we're also very much committed to the Kampala Accord and its successful implementation. And we're looking to the TFIs to ensure that they meet their commitments by August of 2012.

"On the humanitarian side, the United States is deeply, deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation. We heard today from Catherine Bragg that things are even more dire than when she last briefed last month. The United States remains the largest donor of bilateral assistance to the Horn of Africa emergency. We provided over 560 million dollars -- 565 million dollars -- this fiscal year alone, including an additional 105 million announced by the President earlier this week. And we will continue to be as active as we possibly can in support of the people of Somalia and the region. And we will also continue to encourage maximal international support for what is the worst famine and humanitarian crisis to strike Africa in 60 years, with some over 12 million people in Somalia and the region at immediate risk. So, this is one, as you have heard my President, Secretary of State, Dr. Jill Biden, and so many others say, that requires the full and immediate support and attention of the entire international community.

"This afternoon, as you know, we will talk about Syria again. This is a follow on to the Presidential statement that we adopted last week, which was a clear and strong condemnation of the violence being perpetrated by the Assad regime. We think that violence has to stop. We are mindful of the fact and encouraged by the fact that there's now a growing chorus of international condemnation -- the Security Council spoke last week, we have seen important statements from the GCC, from the Arab League, from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. We've seen steps by Kuwait and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to withdraw their Ambassadors, and we also have seen a very strong message that Turkey has delivered in the person of the Foreign Minister, most recently yesterday. And we hope very much that the delegation that's being sent by the IBSA countries will echo that very strong message that the violence has to stop -- they need to pull back into barracks and be credible about this reform process, which, to date, they have absolutely failed to do. From the United States' point of view, we're going to continue and intensify our pressure both through our national actions and additional sanctions, as well as coordinated efforts with other partners here in New York and around the world."

You can find Ambassador Rice's complete remarks here.



August 11, 2011

W.W. writes:

An Official Ultimatum to the Syrian king has been delivered from islamic community in the area leaded by Erdogan, Turkey.

Two weeks to solve the Violent situation ...

New Mexico, USA
August 11, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

I wonder what it will take to get Russia to reposess the tanks it sold Syria, rather than upgrade them...

"Syria is the other major customer for Russia’s military industry. Recent contracts that have yet to be completed include:

-modernization of 24 MiG-29s to SMT level
-purchase of 2 MiG-31M interceptors, second-hand from Russian air force
-purchase of 8 battalions of Buk-M2E missile systems ($1 billion)
-modernization of S-125 Pechora-2 SAMs to the Pechora-2M level
-modernization of 200 T-72 tanks to T-72M1M level (part of $500 million contract to modernize 1000 tanks, 800 already completed)
-purchase of 9M123 Chrystanthemum self-propelled anti-tank missile systems (status uncertain)
-purchase of 36 Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems (part of 2006 contract, 30 delivered in 2008-10)
-purchase of 2 K-300 Bastian coastal defense systems"

source; ""

...being that Assad is using them to kill his own citizens.

If FM Lavrov truly does not want to see "outside interference" being a factor in this rebellion, then he and President Medvedev might just consider the role Russia has played in providing Assad with the tools he uses for his crimes against humanity.

I'm pretty sure the Russian Federation didn't sell them to Syria intending for Addad's regime to use them in such manner; and as such, the regime is now in "breach of contract" in their offensive usage.

As a signitory to the convention on the protection of populations and the notion of "Responsibility to protect", the Russian Federation would do well to act without delay.

For our part, I hope Susan Rice will sit down with her Russian counterpart in the UN and discuss this with him, if she hasn't already.


August 12, 2011

W.W. writes:

we got BIS without RC that makes BRICS in Syria.Assad admitted some mistakes with the mandela lula apu countries you know...

what it is real scary is what the russian hiddenly sold to Syria and Iran...

Holy moly nuclear scaring weirdly cowly Big C.

August 12, 2011

W.W. writes:

Palestine - Israeli - international community

Housing means evolution jobs commerce shelter future

The request of Palestine to be recognized from international community is rejected.

Palestine to be recognized from international community must evolve toward a peaceful future with his neighbor

Palestine to be recognized from International community must recognize all the member of international community including ISRAEL

Palestine must provide a future plan to be self sufficient and not being a cost for international community.

August 12, 2011

W.W. writes:


I am two days ahead :
Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey

President Obama spoke to Prime Minister Erdogan today about the situation in Syria, and other regional issues. The two leaders underscored the urgency of the situation, reiterated their deep concern about the Syrian Government’s use of violence against civilians and their belief that the Syrian people’s legitimate demands for a transition to democracy should be met. They agreed on the need for an immediate halt of all bloodshed and violence against the Syrian people. They further agreed to closely monitor the actions that the Syrian government is taking, and to consult closely in the days ahead. Finally, the two leaders agreed to coordinate closely in responding to the tragic famine in the horn of Africa, and to redouble our efforts to provide assistance and save lives.

August 12, 2011

W.W. writes:

One thing is certain : Syrian Terrorist (assad view) / civilian protester (world view) has not nuclear power

Strong chance that along with his ally Iran Syria has nuclear power

must enter in Syria to stop violence both ways even with giving Assad credit .Investigation is now demanded

Suspicious electromagnetic activity in Iran today at turkey border...

magnitude 5.0 earthquake has struck Northern Iran at a depth of 10.3 km ( 6.4 miles), the quake hit at 22:32:18 UTC Thursday 11th August 2011.
The epicenter was 30 km (18 miles) Northwest of Shahrud, Iran
No Reports of Damage or Injuries

Are they testing?

New Mexico, USA
August 12, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ WW,

"Are they testing?"

Not at that depth they're not.

"Suspicious electromagnetic activity in Iran today at turkey border..."

Post a link to this? Otherwise I bet you SOHO would erase the mystery, CME most likely reason?

I'd be more worried at North Korea's continuing assistance to both, what went to them after the break-up of the Soviet Union was the scientific help and bio samples as well as other things via black mmarket sales that the Russian Federation still won't admit to publicly.

But when Russia sells arms to both Eritrea and Ethiopia while they are at the brink of war and FM Lavrov says (2005) that they support a peaceful diplomatic solution...the level of ongoing hypocracy and irresponsibility isn't exactly a suprise.

DoS spokesperson yesterday calling for Russia to stop selling arms to Syria...

Not sufficiant. Victoria Nuland should have been directed to call for them (in briefing) to be repossessed...immediately.

Would have been a much stronger message to the Russian Federation that they bear responsibility for what happens next.

Sanctions won't deter Assad's intent, that's for sure. Assad's lip service to reform continues...his mistake is in not walking away from power while he's got the chance.

Regardless of what he admits to.

As far as the Iranian people...I think they are watching and waiting to see what the people of Syria do, and what the international community does next.

Knowing that the Iranian regime will not hesitate to make war upon them when they rise up to demand their freedom.

In some respects I believe my government is being overly cautious, unwilling to accept the fact that "engagement" has not produced "behavior change" and while trying to form consensus among nations, hasn't yet publicly laid out a comprehensive vision for peace in the region which to do so would require about a four hour long speech by the President to cover all the bases in detail as to exactly what must happen to get there from here.

I don't know that that will happen, given that our thoughts on this arn't likely to merit consideration in any practical application or policy incentive.

Every once in awhile I see a glimmer of hope, but I have my doubts anyone is really paying attention when Dipnote is not willing to post questions asked of them as has happened twice to me this week.

They've yet to email me an explanation why they feel those posts to be "innapropriate" for publishing, as no insult was intended in the asking why for instance "The Question of the Week" is no longer being asked of us, the public.

Some of the greatest public debates on this blog can be found under that heading in the archives, along with official's feedback to comments from the public.

My concern is simply whether such debate is being marginalized or this blog is becoming so as an instrument of an interactive government?

It's a fair question to ask at this point in my opinion.



August 15, 2011

W.W. writes:

@ Eric

I really don't know if they are testing ...

The only thing I know is that noone is financing ...

we got criminals as warren buffet or rupert murdoch still out calling each other to meet in Switzerland deciding what country send to bankrupt next day.

I know that there are chinese comunist governament complaining with the bellagio hotel in Vegas cos they are not longer winning at black jack table

I know the Russian, British are complaining and concerned with Israel cos the Jews are Building houses, creating jobs shelter that can be usefull even for palestinan in a future when the Syrian are killing people.

I know that the palestinian are complaining not to be part of an international community when they are just only a cost for international community, when they do not recognize all the member of international community

I know that A multibillionaire country as china can't really help Nkorea but UN sec gen is asking to Skorea to do that.

therefore I know that I know nothing

New Mexico, USA
August 16, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:


"therefore I know that I know nothing."

Mmm, In the knowing you know absolutely everything about nothing, I'm very tempted to ask if you have found happiness in the knowing.

I unfortunately know more than I want to know, and it tends to make me a bit ornery on the best of days, for in the knowing one cannot find complacency with the status quo by any measure of contentment with it.

That said, it would be untrue to say I wasn't happy, but I'd be a lot happier if Dipnote brought back "The Question of the Week" because the lack of asking JQ Public all the questions the State dept is unwilling to ask of us, denies them public answers to achieving change we can live with.

And frankly I'm not willing to see this blog go downhill or be downgraded without putting up resistance to either internal or external efforts to marginalize the public's imput from whatever source that may come from.

This blog has gone from a 7 day - 365 cycle of imput to a 9-5 M-F blog, and whether that's due to bugetary constraints or not, that's no way to run a blog when the world runs on a 24/7/365 news cycle.

What are interns for anyway? (chuckle)

They can't find enough volunteers to man the posts?

This is the place where officials who post threads open for comment should be on their best behavior as public servants in "permanent stakeout mode" ready, willing and able to provide feedback to the public; to answer our questions on the nature of all things diplomatic and expiditing public interaction thereby.

I'll tell you what the ethical infants of the world are testing...

Not just my patience, but that of my government, and this is a dead for sure certainty.

Logic would be self evident in the fact that had the Dept of State the knowing we know more than nothing about these things, that they should be well advised to consider our imput and their interactions with the public critical to knowing how to proceed in accordance with the very people they seek to serve, both in this country and globally through various means and incentives.

It is completely illogical to assume otherwise, or to assume I for one am going to let anyone off the hook until folks do a million times better at this than they are right now.

Otherwise this blog will just become a footnote in the history of interactive government and eventually cease to have any practical purpose other than talking at people rather than with them.

You and I are having this conversation, but if officials want to be more than voyers to our thoughts, they shouldn't be constained in their ability to interact with us on a intellectual basis.

I've told folks "you get out of this blog what you put into it" and that not only goes for the public, but for the whole of government.

If Deomocracy is "the great experiment", then this blog cannot afford to be timid in that process, as neither can any government claiming to be "by, for, and of the people".

Such is the marginalization I see taking place in the not living up to the potential.

Whether that be in the UN or in this microcosm of diplomatic perspective.

Attitude is everything.


New Mexico, USA
August 16, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

(p.S.) WW,

Forgot to mention how "the question of the week" would be structured in the 3.0 version...( assuming Dipnote's staff is open to suggestion ) ...;

Goes like this here, we decide as individuals what The Question Of the Week is, so long as it pertains to/or affecting foreign affairs of any country, being an international blog.

Staff does some investigative interagency polling...and we get a multi agency official's spectrum in the public domain of what they wonder about...up to and including the Red Sox's chances that "this year" is also the year.

Contributors must naturally explain their focus of a singularity with so much worthy subject matter to choose from.

One person's question of the week may be another government's question of the year, and that's how it goes.

Now if all the current contributors of posted dipnotations in their respective fields oustanding were to join together and post question at the end of comment....

Then this would be one rockin' blog...and might solve some issues for the common good.

As far as a global think tank is concerned, you gotta build it before folks take to it.

So I don't hold it against folks meeting in the Buiderburg hotel to have a frank dicussion off the record and simply to share perspectives, for that is simply freedom of speach being excercised.

Granted what I envision is in the public realm of good debate, and must therefore be deemed as "off the cuff" rather than "on the record"...unless an official specifies as "official current policy" a statement...aside from his/her opinion.

Send out invitations to those in the Whitehouse, Congress (foreign affairs committees) and DoD and have them do cameo blog postings to grant the readership a larger picture of the jigsaw puzzle that fits together to implement and assess the President's foreign policy goals and be ready to take questions from the public and respond to comment as able to without breaking the rules doing it. If folks can't or won't answer a question then it should be clear why.

Anyway I'm done expousing on principal....till the next time I see the need.

To remind folks that they work for us.



August 16, 2011

W.W. writes:

@ Eric

...the NEW WORLD ORDER has lost me today...

Gennet y.
United States
November 11, 2011

Gennet T. in the U.S.A. writes:

To the United state Ambassador to UN

Mrs. Susan Rice

To honorable ambassador of the free world with all due respect I wish you good health most of all to make a good sound decision so the world do not go inferno. To hold the highest position of the free world should have responsibilities for unbiased vision for peace on earth. All nations belong to one earth, like standing domino one side touch all in split of second demolish. Standing together looked pretty but falling in split of second looks never the same.

Proximate cause is a flexible concept. It permits fact-finders to sort through various factual causes and determine who should be found to be legally responsible for result. In addition, an accused is only responsible for the reasonably foreseeable consequences that follow from his or her acts. The law provides, for example, that an accused is not responsible for consequences that follow the intervention of new, and independent, casual force.
I am proud American/Eritrean I am pleading for you to see right to the fact not the surrounding ethnic, clown and emotional defect human tragedy. Eritrea as a whole could not be responsible for the ill of east Africa. A tiny country 5.5million in population, per capital 0.05, the poorest country will be responsible for committing suicide for its own existence is a thinkable.

As, Eritrean American closely you must establish causation beyond a reasonable doubt for your decision. The world body stops the survival of a nation from self sufficient producing, mining and feeding its own population to be depending a hand out, a picture of starvation. If that is your wish for Eritrea only the almighty GOD, Saint Mary of Asmara will pay you in judgments day. Today ride high mighty, but Eritrea has one GOD the almighty.
Eritrea’s violation is that not playing the game of united nation corruptions by negligent operation of blame others are that the causation, these facts would support a conviction.


Posted by DipNote Bloggers
August 10, 2011


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