Secretary Clinton Meets With Greek Foreign Minister Lambrinidis

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis at the Department of State on October 27, 2011. Secretary Clinton and her counterpart discussed a wide variety of bilateral and multilateral issues, including the international economic challenges facing Greece and the rest of the world.

Secretary Clinton said, "...Tomorrow marks the 71st anniversary of Ohi Day, when Greeks celebrate the freedom and courage of the Greek people. And today, Greece is being asked to summon its courage again. This time, the challenge is economic. The Greek people are making major changes and big sacrifices to return their country to financial health and economic competitiveness. And while those changes and sacrifices are certainly painful, they are necessary. And in the long run, they will benefit Greece and its partners, but most particularly the children and future generations of Greek citizens.

"The United States applauds Greece's commitment to fiscal and structural reform. Decisive and bold actions in the EU are also critical to resolving the European economic crisis, and Greece's debt crisis in particular. Early this morning in Brussels, European leaders made vital decisions to address the significant and pressing economic challenges they face.

"Greece is a longstanding and important ally of the United States. In ways large and small, life in our country is enriched by the energy and contributions of our many Greek Americans. And abroad, Greece and the United States share common goals for stability and prosperity in Southeastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The United States looks forward to broadening, deepening, and strengthening this already very vital relationship."

You can read a transcript of Secretary Clinton's remarks here.



October 28, 2011

W.W. writes:

Greece : better a country which owe for the next 20 years then a fair competitor

Europe will apply american jobs act for european territories fits perfectly european needs at this moment

Just be reminded that you find in Europe the best friend of American voted administrations

world wide election in 2012 for northen africa and European states

end of current criminal financial society and corporation

Guaranteeing people liberte fraternite egalite values raped from current oligharchic society consequent arrest of current criminal organzation as such bilderberg trilateral commission and their organism and tool for mob

1 nation 1 leader 1 bank 1 constitution = commonwealth

Current finance and economy will be suspended

Rinaldo P.
October 28, 2011

Rinaldo P. in Italy writes:

I understand the austerity measures are necessary to cut on public spending, and especially to reduce the overall size of many European governments. I foresee a European Union possibly with the same US Constitution, just a bit better adapted to Europe’s prerogatives and peculiarities. However, the European Union will never have all the power that currently Washington has, as Federal Government. European Nations will never completely loose their national sovereignty, or accept the status of America’s 50 States. This explains why Brussels wants to reduce size and spending of Athens, Rome and other Capitals. It would be like Washington asking Des Moines to layoff a large part of its public employees.

Anyhow, austerity alone cannot address the root of all crisis, that being monetary policy and the implementation of mathematics in assisting the political decision making process. Europe and the United States are working toward a common shared monetary system. This is only favorable to ensure that everybody wins at this game, this time in history.

Now, what just happened in Greece, canceling of the debt to issue more credit ability for a specific fund is mathematically a perfect strategy to leave unaltered the accounting situation on the balance sheets, while allowing money to circulate in the system. Nevertheless, it is only a temporary fix. Europe and the United States have to address the far more important issue of seigniorage. Seigniorage is the tax-free profit made by banks, i.e. the equivalent of all the money lent to individuals and governments, less the printing costs. Such profit is not earned by banks at the time of repayment of loans, but at the very same time of the creation of money, or debt for the borrowers with a correspondent credit of equal measure, or seigniorage. When not taxed by the State, seigniorage is usury perpetrated by those agencies responsible for the money supply of a Nation. In a hyper simplified way, one can say that the hoax of debt is a simple mathematical equation where two opposite factors, indicating debt vs. credit cancel each other; just like |-10| = |+10|, and whose result is 0. So, if you issue a credit in the amount equal to the debt, and give it to people who might turn it to the State to repay its public debt, then the accounting problem would be solved in 2 minutes without creating inflation. Banks function and are based upon such equation, not on the accounting system of in and out. Problems only occur when banks hold both credit and debt, i.e. crating that phenomenon well known as 200% usury by banks at the time of monetary creation. Seigniorage revenues are written off in the banks’ balance sheet as “reserves,” therefore as passivity instead of profits. This way banks fraud the IRS, occulting this profit, and always reporting losses to be bailed out. We suggest taxing such “reserves,” writing them down as profits, not losses.

October 29, 2011

Al in Australia writes:

Not sure what are they talking about. Greece is corupted country that should not be in EU in the first place. Furthemore, it was not American ally in Irak and Afganistan

John P.
October 29, 2011

John P. in Greece writes:

@ Rinaldo P. in Italy

I won’t speak about Greece and the deficits. It’s my usual thesis in this Blog not to engage in posts that could characterize me as a chauvinist.

So, I never talk about Greece. I hope Greek politicians and decision makers “read” in order to offer some comments.

What I can do is offer some thoughts to your first paragraph. I 90% agree with you.

According to my opinion, you are right saying that you foresee that “the European Union will never have all the power that currently Washington has, as Federal Government. European Nations will never
completely lose their national sovereignty, or accept the status of America’s 50 States”.

But I am not sure how you elaborate this thesis. I think that today’s EU federal system has nothing in common with the successful U.S. federal system. I personally think that we will never have a similar model –moreover, “a bit better adapted as you say”- unless we follow the American path.

The United States of America is a country, nation, spirit, based on a fundamental “declaration”: a mosaic of people, religions and various schools of thought act as one, believe in the same freedom and democratic ideas and the most important, they ALL feel Americans; something difficult to describe because it comes from the heart and soul language.

Do you think we have the same similarities in Europe? I mean Greece, Italy, Spain feel almost the same. But do we have any commons with the Northern body of our “feds”?

No man. No!

But, we do have common things with the other side of the Atlantic. Because it’s a part of us! We are a part of them!

I don’t want to be misunderstood –otherwise I want a €, oh yes I became more expensive (LOL). I believe in the idea of the Federal systems. I even like the global government idea- when applicable.

However, the only road that can make us reach the target of a better world is to copy and paste from the “best”.

And the best of the best is the U.S. Federal model.

For many years anti-American propagandists were saying that the American Nation was a child with no history. Now, today, all of which means the future, everybody understood that this 400 years child is more successful than countries with “deep” history.

Now the mama must come to the “accused’ child in order to copy & paste the recipe for milk.

Otherwise, according to my poor opinion, E.U. federal system will become a bad copy, full of Russian design, made in China…

In other (simple) words, Brussels should first had built a Nation and then create the… federation.

Best Regards- keep on posting

November 1, 2011

W.W. writes:

Greek referendum-World referendum we must say no to IMF and UN

In this soul spinnin

who turn back is lost and stays

I know it for sure my friend cos I ve turned back too

to catch you I had to run

but the most I keep looking around i see that

there is a world that keep moving ahead even

if you won't be there

and tell me why in this soul spinning

there isn't a place to rest and shake away

what we have been told and what we sadly are going to know...

Then you know that a journey make sense only without return without limits and borders

without stops without close and near orizon

South Korea
November 1, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

About the crisis in Europe for the active involvement of China, China is that food require, thought

Sorry, If this is not possible political asylum, left to die only way I think.

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
October 28, 2011


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