Partnering With Malta To Support Investment and Development in Libya

Against a backdrop of beautiful gardens and sunshine, I was honored to be welcomed by both Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg and Minister of Finance, Economy, and Investment Tonio Fenech when I arrived in Malta last week. I made the journey to discuss possible areas of cooperation between Malta and the United States with a view to commercial activity in North Africa, especially Libya.

Minister Fenech explained that, over the years, Malta has built an important relationship with Libya that cuts across all sectors. I learned the security situation in Libya continues to improve, and that investment and development opportunities exist. Both the U.S. and Maltese governments hope to build on this meeting to develop Malta's potential as a commercial engagement hub for North Africa.

Minister Fenech described the visit as the foundation stone for a Maltese-American political and economic partnership to facilitate coordination between our countries' firms on large projects in North Africa. Malta's unique geography, history, and commercial know-how provide a stable investment bridge into the region.

Moreover, Malta Enterprise, the government agency responsible for the promotion of foreign investment and industrial development in Malta, has already started bridging relationships between Maltese and U.S. firms in this regard. More information about Malta Enterprise can be found on their website.

I look forward to working on this exciting new adventure to promote economic growth and development in North Africa.



New Mexico, USA
May 8, 2012

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ L. Hariton,


"I learned the security situation in Libya continues to improve,..."

Well, when I read the details of this incident, I thought maybe someone was trying to possibly "re-educate" your learning, and then I was reminded of how our own Congress was run out of town after the revolutionary war, due to issues surrounding non-payment to the continental army that had just secured the nation's freedom from the British crown.


I think folks @ State need to do some serious outreach to help the interim gov. disburse whatever funds and ongoing medical assistance we've offered to address this issue previously, and make this work currently.

Otherwise Libya is going to continue to be a hard place to do buisiness in.



Special Representative Hariton in Malta
Posted by Lorraine Hariton
May 7, 2012


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