Advancing Human Rights Vital to U.S. National Interests

As we start the New Year, I want to reflect on four events that took place in the last few months of 2012 that illustrate how the Obama Administration's human rights policies are achieving concrete results.

• In November, President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Burma. This visit was the culmination of 18 months of active diplomatic efforts between the United States and Burma focused significantly on political and economic reform and the protection of human rights. During the President's visit, the Burmese government announced a series of important human rights commitments, including access for the International Committee of the Red Cross to prisons and conflict areas, the opening of a permanent office by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the release of additional political prisoners, and the establishment of an ongoing review process for prisoner cases. The visit followed the first ever human rights dialogue between our two countries. The dialogue gave us an opportunity to discuss political reforms, rule of law, challenges relating to ongoing conflicts in ethnic states, political prisoners, and laid the groundwork for future progress. The administration's efforts in Burma reflect our commitment to principled engagement where human rights concerns are firmly integrated into U.S. policy-making.

• Secretary Clinton commemorated Human Rights Day in Dublin, underscoring that not only are universal values "vital to who we are and what we hope to see our world become," but that "human rights are at the center of some of the most significant challenges to global security and stability and therefore to our national interests." She also emphasized that "human rights cannot be disconnected from other priorities. They are inextricably linked with all of the goals we strive for in our countries and around the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not just a catalog of rights and government obligations. It is a time-tested blueprint for successful societies." The Secretary's speech underscored the challenges we face, the commitment we place on advancing human rights principles, and the centrality of these issues to America's strength and influence in the world.

• Perhaps our greatest and most challenging work over the last year has involved countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The transitions that began in the Arab Spring of early 2011 are now entering their third year. In 2012, we saw the inevitable challenges of turning democratic aspirations into reality. From Syria to Egypt, from Tunisia to Libya, from Bahrain to Jordan, meaningful, durable reform will depend on the building of sustainable democracy and respect for human rights. As Deputy Secretary Burns remarked last month, the United States believes "that supporting democratic transitions and political reform is not simply a matter of idealism, it is a strategic necessity."• Finally, I want to mention Secretary Clinton's visit to Northern Ireland in December, where she reflected on the lasting peace born from the tireless efforts of advocates and leaders. She stressed -- in terms that apply to the Middle East and others areas in transition -- that durable peace rests not only on resolving political conflicts, but on reaching "the hard-to-reach communities -- like the young man...whose father couldn't find work and who sees his own chances for a job good slipping away" or the young woman "who's had to give up the idea of going to university." Including people who risk being economically, politically, or socially marginalized is critical to building lasting peace and security.

As we begin 2013, we will build on these themes and continue to advance universal principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law as essential components of U.S. foreign policy around the globe.



United States
January 8, 2013

Mari in the U.S.A. writes:

The world will not miss the hypocrisy of the US posturing about human rights in Burma, while at home, the US President orders "targeted assassinations" of US citizens, pervasive electronic surveillance, and the cruel and unusual punishment of whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning.

January 8, 2013

Hi, Sec Hillary Rodham Clinton.

someone say to me "Hi" is very rude saying to Sec.

i see but want say to Sec, Hi.

read or not.

Today issue? is, issue? can i write issue?
if permit i want say issue.

issue is

Venezuela President need mento
just like other countries,
other leaders.

we no You and he and Venezuela citizen
discuss accept he to President, open and public.
i think, this is not only Venezuela's problem but also USA and other middle and South America's.

i want this argue becomes real political
talk not power game, not military concern.

so much time need need talk, at least this problem.

because, USA success in Mexico some parts, continues this tide and
With work Brazil and near countries.
i think economy boost by Brazil, yes Mexico is good maybe 7months later, Mexico will be buy USA goods.
really,2014,i think,

i need buyer, now and today buys goods.

i recommend Brazil
therefore Venezuela's problems
solve by talk not power, not military
not Intelligency Agency.

Just, my thinking. just my's.

Thank You.

Have a dinner? with family?

January 8, 2013

To Sec

Welcome back to our, healthy and soundly.
(if Sec Hillary Clinton resign, State will be, Oasis without Desert, Oasis without Desert, just my thinking.)

-President and Sec, i think, it `s need for our survive. we(include me?) need some affairs.

Watching the news-International Monetary Fund (IMF) working group spends in Cairo to discuss Egypt with respect to the bailout, the IMF senior officials (local time), said.

Watching the news,
Ready to finish that, at least for the economic reconstruction of Egypt. Personally think

However, the IMF's financial support, Egypt's promised jobs to the unemployed, but also the possibility of
Egypt, the business must offer to match the characteristics of the Egyptian Jobs to the people of Egypt, promising jobs to struggling businesses and employees around our bit of a test bed, while never promised that ...

Read the old story, but also to read?
Homeland, most of the population is concentrated around the Nile, Egypt's land use, approximately 90% of the desert, and little rain does ....

Thought is so suitable to the development of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal environment.

Moment, beyond the topic,,,,,

Weighted led unemployed has increased too much, angel investors and renewable energy industry in the future of solar energy and solar power to cause the failure of intensive GE and SHARP, anxiety. However, in the presidential election commitment to accelerate investment in the renewable energy industry, providing jobs and a suitable environment to survive, the human has promised.
So I personally think, to try a new economic system than the United States or China, Egypt, solar photovoltaic and solar power should be forced to. Egypt, and economic development through the existing energy system, which promises to economic development through low wages and its sequelae caused by the way of economic development in the 1980s, China and India are experiencing, and social sequelae was also talk about the possibility of mass production to .

Back to the point ....

Must be resolved through economies of scale, low efficiency, photovoltaic and solar thermal development of a chronic problem, its weaknesses. Industrial investment, low productivity, various problems occur during the initial stages, even if the issues can be overcome, however, likely to give rise to skepticism about the renewable energy re-oriented in the developed countries, the growth rate of the immobilized.

Frankly, a very difficult situation, but in politics for endowments and efficiency, not to give up the sweet economic growth and that growth takes place in a short period of time to provide a numerically
Political success and transition to a new energy system, in order to
Will you (including me?)
New construction of the Suez Canal.

Almost the exit level of the business sector, so look like a breakthrough, but also the possibility of

Renewable, showing a strong policy commitment in the field of energy policy that offers promise for economic recovery, and likely to be
At the very least, people who are engaged in the development of solar and photovoltaic, you'd like it, I expect.
Acid battery technology and the slow advance of the course, the negative view, but understanding
Imagination to transcend their own people, a large-scale project, always, always, the fear is.
Well, at least higher than the other areas in Egypt is likely to succeed, photovoltaic and solar.
And, you need to practice. For renewable energy ......

Already been implemented, but still, high interest and provide hope for the future of the media and corporate, national large-scale project that provides a lower efficiency, but the technology to human beings and nature coexist, it was time to give hope Personally I think ...

GE, SHARP, China ......
Several companies in Korea are interested in solar and photovoltaic discussed, even if, in reality, want to introduce you to ....

Talked about in the past, so do I need to convince my parents? And,

President and Sec, i think, it `s need for our` s survive. we (include me?) need some affairs.

District Of Columbia, USA
January 8, 2013

Anna in Washington, D.C. writes:

I watched the Secretary's speech in Dublin. It was amazing. She will be missed!

Susan C.
Florida, USA
January 8, 2013

Susan C. in Florida writes:

It was good to see Secretary Clinton "back on the job" on the news last night. She has done a remarkable job as Secretary of State and will be remembered as one of the very best State has ever had. Her hard work has taken a total on her and I hope she will take time for herself to rest and just enjoy, perhaps, sleeping in! Secretary Clinton, you have served our country with dedication and honor. I second Anna in D.C., you will be missed.

Francis P.
California, USA
January 8, 2013

Dr. Francis P. in California writes:

Dear Dr. Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democrary, Human Rights and Labor:

We really Appreciate / Bravo the achieved concrete results of the Obama Administration's human rights policies in Burma and Ireland, through the President Obama and the Srecretary of State Hillary Clinton, in 2012 !

Now,in 2013, We wish and looking for the positive Human Rights Projects that should be implemented and deployed sucessfully in VIET-NAM and / or CHINA by the U.S.Administration, to make the Freedom of Religion , Freedom of Press and Media / Internet Communications, Freedom of people demonstration for democracy and sovereingty of national lands and sea, Liberation of all political prisoners come TRUE. Specially, the freedom of the Union Labor formation and deployment by the people will lead the country ( Viet-Nam and/or China) to democracy regime (For instance Poland Solidarity Labor Union in Poland): Those cited missions are truly the duties of Dr. Michael Posner, Assistant of The Secretary of State.


God Bless You and Family as well as your human missions

My Best Regards.

Dr. Francis Phu

January 9, 2013

Saman B. writes:

All the 30 Articles intresting to read,thank you.

January 9, 2013

Some businessman and some policians visiting, today, return to beijing...
just, watched news.

new york city, ferry accident, sorriable.

Korea's issue need talk, each other.
But not ban to your willing.

just hit by my brain, understand?

Not good but someone's spy?

January 9, 2013

China try deal with you?

if want fight
not today
do tomorrow.

where are going? i'm?

January 9, 2013

Japan and BK PM is not fit to me, just
only economic cocerns.

i want
make bank, my bank but
have not a penny
just only have debt.
how, where are begins?

Vi A.
Nebraska, USA
January 10, 2013

Vi A. in Nebraska writes:

I want to comment that while all the advancement President Obama made in the area of human rights doesn't address the harm done by having sanctions against Russia and then prompting the adoption ban that subsequently occurred against citizens of the US. Where is the outcry of the human rights issue of thousands of orphans that will not receive homes because of this retalitory action.

January 11, 2013

Saman B. writes:


Beforehand I really admire your remarks.

now the Rights acquainted for of the nations,some of these or full maybe are in their country and legislations,but none of these Rights cover us, by no denote me,it's strange and awesome you but this reall; what make profit of these proclaims ! I mean,can it make amends for me,can you block accounts of a regime in the global bank and give me a scruple of enormous $, then make a life myself ???

Secretary Clinton With Women at LMI Event in Cambodia
January 7, 2013


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