Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine

The United States is shocked by the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, and offer our deep condolences to all those who lost loved ones on board.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, "It is critical that there be a full, credible, and unimpeded international investigation as quickly as possible.  We urge all concerned -- Russia, the pro-Russian separatists, and Ukraine -- to support an immediate cease-fire in order to ensure safe and unfettered access to the crash site for international investigators and in order to facilitate the recovery of remains." 

Furthemore, the Press Secretary emphasized that the United States remains prepared to contribute immediate assistance to an international investigation.

Following the tragic crash, President Obama reached out to Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands and Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia.  In each of the phone calls, the President offered his condolences to the people of the Netherlands and Malaysia, as well as all the families who lost loved ones.

President Obama also called President Poroshenko of Ukraine, who welcomed the assistance of international investigators to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation of the crash site.  The Presidents emphasized that all evidence from the crash site must remain in place on the territory of Ukraine until international investigators are able to examine all aspects of the tragedy.

Secretary of State John Kerry said, "We are horrified by the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17...There are no words adequate to express our condolences to the families of the nearly 300 victims."

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Aaron P.
United States
July 18, 2014
Regardless of which side was responsible for down the plane, this incident represents yet another great success for the Tony Blair/George Bush/Barack Obama "regime change" policy.
People Walk Amongst the Debris at the Crash Site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
July 17, 2014


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