Reconstructing Gaza: U.S. Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Palestinians

Secretary of State John Kerry is on travel to Cairo, Egypt, where he is participating in an international conference for Gaza reconstruction.

Earlier today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced $414 million in U.S. assistance to the Palestinians.  In his remarks, Secretary Kerry said, "...This money will, we hope, help promote security and stability, and economic development, and it will provide for immediate distribution of food, medicine, and shelter materials for hundreds of thousands for the coming winter. And it is money that is going to help reconstruct Gaza’s damaged water and sanitation system, so that Palestinians in Gaza will have access to water that they can drink and homes that they can actually start rebuilding."

This includes more than $212 million that will be delivered through USAID. Of this, approximately $75 million will support critically needed relief and early recovery efforts in Gaza; $100 million will support the Palestinian Authority’s budgetary needs, including through financial support to the East Jerusalem Hospital Network; and $37 million will further strengthen the institutions of the Palestinian Authority, support economic growth, provide health and humanitarian assistance, and build the infrastructure and water resources of the West Bank.

Secretary Kerry’s announcement also includes $118 million in humanitarian assistance to Gaza announced by Secretary Kerry in July and September, which provided critical humanitarian aid, including food, water, shelter and medical supplies to the population of Gaza. This included a $74 million contribution to UNRWA’s Gaza Flash Appeal, $36.4 in USAID assistance, and $7.7 million to other international partners.  It further includes $84 million provided to UNRWA to address other emergency needs in the West Bank and Gaza.
As he concluded his remarks, Secretary Kerry said, "...At a time when extremism, which offers no constructive vision for the future, is capitalizing on the vacuum, it is imperative for all of us to fill that vacuum with a prospect of peace. That’s what the people of our countries expect from us, and that’s what we must offer them -- no less. So out of this conference must come not just money, but a renewed commitment from everybody to work for a peace that meets the aspirations of all -- for Israelis, for Palestinians, and for all the peoples of this region. And I promise you the full commitment of President Obama, myself, and the United States of America to try to achieve that."
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Secretary Kerry Announces U.S. Humanitarian Assistance at Gaza Reconstruction Conference in Cairo
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October 12, 2014


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