Secretary Kerry at #Saban14: 'Our Engagement in the World Isn't a Choice. It's a Necessity.'

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered remarks at the Brookings Institution's 2014 Saban Forum today.  Organized by Haim Saban and the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, the Saban Forum is an annual dialogue between American and Israeli government officials, policymakers, researchers, journalists, and business leaders.
In his remarks, Secretary Kerry discussed international coalition efforts against ISIL/Daesh, the situation in Syria, Iran nuclear talks, and Middle East Peace.  Secretary Kerry said, "Today, our security and prosperity at home are deeply intertwined with the security and prosperity of around the world, and that means there’s really no such thing as a regional threat anymore. In today’s world, regional threats, if left unaddressed, will inherently become global threats."
The Secretary continued, "...The bottom line is that our engagement in the world isn’t a choice. It’s a necessity. And nowhere is that more true than in the Middle East, where from the Sahel to the Maghreb, from Yemen to Syria, we are seeing an epic struggle take place in which dividers and destroyers are working overtime to drown out problem solvers, healers, builders and where in too many places violent extremists are pursuing agendas of hate. And all of us...who believe in a different future for the region have to lead the effort to push back against those trends."
For more information:
  • Read or watch Secretary Kerry's remarks at the 2014 Saban Forum.
  • Learn more about the global coalition to counter ISIL.



Marvin P.
United States
December 11, 2014
This is so funny -- after you people have spent years creating, funding and arming the extremist Islamicist groups in order to cause trouble for Russia, China and their allies, you people act all outraged when these groups go out of control and attack the West as well.
Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at 2014 Saban Forum
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
December 7, 2014


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