GPOI Delivers Heavy Engineering Equipment to Nepal for Peacekeeping Missions

In 2005 the United States established the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), a State Department funded program dedicated to building international capacity to conduct peacekeeping operations. The program works closely with the Department of Defense to develop peacekeeping capabilities in partner countries around the world. Since GPOI’s inception, program implementers have supported Nepal’s ambitious efforts to train and equip its peacekeeping forces.

Last month, the GPOI program delivered a new set of heavy engineering equipment to the Nepal Army’s Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre in Panchkhal. Although tractors, bulldozers, and dump trucks might seem unusual needs for peacekeeping missions, such equipment is critical to UN peacekeeping operations that help build better civilian and military infrastructure in post conflict areas. The equipment delivered to Nepal will be used to prepare Nepalese peacekeepers to improve infrastructure wherever they deploy.    

With nearly 60 years of peacekeeping experience, Nepal is a world leader in international peacekeeping. The Nepal Army brings not only years of experience to the peacekeeping community, but also contributes the seventh largest contingent of peacekeepers to the United Nations in the world, often to some of the most urgent crises. In February 2014, Nepalese peacekeepers volunteered to deploy to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to help protect civilian populations after fighting erupted in December 2013.  In addition, at the 2014 Summit on UN Peacekeeping, co-hosted by Vice President Biden, Nepal was one of only a few nations to prioritize women in peacekeeping operations, expressing their intent to further integrate women into their armed forces. 

In partnership with GPOI, the Nepalese training center in Panchkhal trains nearly 6000 peacekeepers every year and Nepalese peacekeepers are currently deployed to 14 different United Nations missions across the world. The heavy equipment the GPOI program delivered will enable the training center to teach engineering battalions to conduct infrastructure projects such as rebuilding schools and roads in disaster and conflict affected nations.

GPOI helps build the capabilities of partner countries to train and sustain their peacekeepers by providing the tools, training, equipment and know-how needed to become self-sufficient peacekeeping forces. GPOI efforts help these brave peacekeepers safeguard vulnerable communities and build lasting peace.

In addition to Nepal, GPOI supports 50 other active partner countries and three regional organizations, as well critical UN peacekeeping training initiatives.  GPOI also provides financial support for the Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU), an Italian center that trains stability/formed police unit leaders and trainers.  Thanks in part to the U.S. Global Peace Operations Initiative, Nepal continues to develop and provide many of the well trained and capable peacekeepers needed in peacekeeping missions across the globe. 

About the Author: Kate Frier serves on the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) Team in the Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs.



Shistata P.
April 16, 2015
My sincere thank you
U.S. Military Personnel Deliver Heavy Engineering Equipment in Nepal [Nepal Office of Defense Cooperation Photo]
Posted by Kate Frier
April 15, 2015


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