What You Need To Know About the G7 Summit in Germany

On June 7-8, 2015, Germany will host the G7 Summit.  German Chancellor Angele Merkel invited the heads of state and government of the Group of Seven (G7) members to Schloss Elmau, south of Munich, where the leaders will discuss a broad range of global issues within the framework of this informal group.  President Barack Obama will attend the Summit on behalf of the United States.

What is the G7?

The G7 is an informal group of advanced economies that meets annually in the country which holds the rotating presidency. It is not an international institution and has no permanent secretariat. The design of the G7 allows for candid discussions among leaders.

During the 1970s, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Italy formed the Group of Six (G6) as an informal grouping that would meet annually to discuss matters of political and economic significance. Canada was added in 1976 to form the G7. 

Originally, the G7 focused exclusively on economic and trade issues but has expanded over time to include many aspects of common concern among the members. At previous Summits, G7 leaders have discussed global security, energy, the environment and climate change, and development issues.

What will happen at the G7 Summit in Germany?

On June 7, President Obama will begin his visit to Germany by joining Chancellor Merkel at a public event in Krün, where the President will speak about the U.S.-German alliance.  Following his visit in Krün, President Obama will hold a bilateral meeting with Chancellor Merkel.  Then, there will be a G7 Summit welcome ceremony, and the leaders will enter into the different G7 sessions -- the first one focusing on the global economy, growth, and values; the second focusing on trade and standards.  Later on, there will be a family photo with the leaders, a concert, and a working dinner.
On June 8, the third G7 working session will focus on energy and climate.  There will then be a working session on terrorism, where the leaders will be joined by, among others, Prime Minister Abadi of Iraq, President Buhari of Nigeria, and President Essebsi of Tunisia.  Following that, there will be a working lunch on development issues, and then the G7 Summit will conclude.  Afterwards, President Obama will hold a press conference before leaving Germany.
We also anticipate that President Obama will hold bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom to review our cooperation with the U.K. on a range of global issues and with Prime Minister Abadi to assess the ongoing progress of our counter-ISIL campaign in Iraq.
What topics will leaders discuss at the G7 Summit in Germany?
Leaders are expected to discuss Ukraine, Iran, and progress in the international coalition's counter-ISIL strategy.  Leaders will also address the global economy, inclusive growth, trade, climate change and the environment, post-2015 development goals, women's education, women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, global health security, neglected tropical diseases, and the international response to the Ebola outbreak.
How can I stay engaged with events at the G7 Summit?
Follow @WhiteHouse, @StateDept, @NSCpress, @AmbassadorRice, @usbotschaft, and @USConsMunich on Twitter for updates during the Summit, and like the Department of State and the U.S. Consulate General Munich on Facebook for more.



nwaele u.
June 7, 2015
I pray for g7 members and all president in attendance that God will use them as an instrument to solve the problems and challenges facing the continent which could as a result of injustice or neglects.
Jack H.
Illinois, USA
June 7, 2015
It appear that the G7 is over-reaching beyond it’s stated objectives. We all know what happens when this occurs. I’m also surprised to see that President Obama is delivering the concluding speech whereas decorum would dictate that the leader of the host country Chancellor Merkel should be the one delivering the closing statements. All of you do realize that whomever set up the Agenda for this conference has their priorities scrambled like eggs in a frying pan. Let’s agree for argument sake that Global Warming is real. What do you think will kill you first? The Jihad blitzkrieg or Global Warming all things being equal. ISIS is not boasting, humoring you; there is a reason that they said that they plan to take Rome soon. They’ve also mentioned the Pyrenees Mountains. They have a good size army in Europe already. Your supposed NATO Allie Turkey is helping them and turning the most significant Church into a Mosque but YOU are worried about Global Warming that you gave China a 25 year pass on. If you want to keep your heads attached to your bodies STOP being PC, STOP listening to Obama wh has failed in every Foreign Affair but claims victory, Read the Qur’an so you know just who you are up against and don’t disbelieve that this is about religion for them and not land.
Zahari G.
June 7, 2015
This is good.Now must to thinking and new Reason's principles for world. All is very simple , and for energy,climate ,womans. Energeticus Zahari Gerov.
Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
June 7, 2015
I like the influx of new products made in America and in other countries. I hope they are able to improve our trading agreements, so that they will benefit all of our countries and their workers. I know that they have a lot of other important topics to cover like healthcare and global security. I hope our summit goes well and progress is made...
Dr.Manfred W.
June 8, 2015
Personal contacts between heads of state are absolutely essential and cannot be replaced by telephone contacts.So the G7 Summit helps to solve all current international problems.
June 8, 2015
john e.
California, USA
June 8, 2015
here to help with the global event's using my global network to also support Obama's Idea's and efforts to change our world for the better
G7 Germany
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
June 6, 2015


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