Terrorist Attacks in France, Kuwait, Somalia, and Tunisia

Terrorist attacks occured in France, Kuwait, Somalia, and Tunisia today.  The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms these horrifying terrorist attacks, in which dozens of innocent civilians and, in the case of Somalia, Burundian peacekeepers, were killed and injured. 

On behalf of the United States, Department Spokesperson John Kirby expressed deepest sympathy to the victims’ families and heartfelt wishes for the recovery of those injured. 

Spokesperson Kirby said, "The United States grieves with the people and governments of Burundi, France, Kuwait, Somalia, Tunisia, and other nations affected by these vicious attacks and stands with them in solidarity as they reject terrorism, protect their communities, restore peace and security, and persevere through these tragedies. We will continue to work with all of our allies and partners to address the shared threat of terrorism and violent extremism and to degrade and destroy the ability of these terrorist groups to carry out their callous attacks on innocent people."

The White House also condemned the terrorist attacks, and in a statement said, "As the President has discussed with his French, Kuwaiti, and Tunisian counterparts in recent weeks, we are resolute and united in our shared effort to fight the scourge of terrorism. We stand with these nations as they respond to attacks on their soil today, and we have been in contact with appropriate counterparts in all three countries to offer any necessary support.  Terrorism has no place in any society, and the United States will continue to work closely with our international partners to combat terrorist actors and counter violent extremism around the globe."

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Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
July 1, 2015
America should be add to the list of terrorist attacked countries. We have our own home grow terrorists , that aren't part of any over seas terrorist groups. That are committing murders in our Churches, Schools, Malls, Over Drugs on Our Streets , or just because they were cut off in rush hour traffic. We should consider these attacks terrorist related, because they are terroristic acts of extremely violent people, and sometimes groups of people. We don't need ISIL or another terrorist group to come here, we have our own terrorists that we should be worried about, that are already here.
joe c.
Illinois, USA
December 1, 2015
where is the list of the names of the victims?
Security forces and officials gather at a mosque after a deadly blast struck worshippers
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
June 26, 2015


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