U.S. Naval Hospital Ship Makes Visit to Haiti

Last week, sailors of the United States Navy landed in Haiti. 

No invasion -- they came in peace. They came to heal. 

Working with Haitian government officials, the U.S. Naval Hospital Ship Comfort  and its team of doctors, nurses and medical technicians began a nine-day humanitarian assistance mission.  Our Embassy team could not be more proud to welcome these selfless Americans servicemembers.

During the ship’s port visit to Port-au-Prince, we were pleased to invite the Cuban Ambassador to Haiti and five Cuban medical workers to join us for a tour of the ship to witness its capabilities. The visit of the USNS Comfort drove home how the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba is already helping us to advance common interests in the Americas, like providing world-class medical services to so many needy Haitians.

This week those same Cuban doctors will work alongside American doctors to offer medical, dental, and other health care services to the people of Haiti.  We all want to see improved and sustainable healthcare delivery in Haiti and this mission will do just that.  This kind of humanitarian service delivery is at the core of our overall development efforts in Haiti, and we are proud to be doing it alongside Cuban partners this time.

Since April, the Comfort has taken its crew of U.S. military medical and construction personnel, private-aid organizations and partner-nation officials to 11 Latin American and Caribbean nations, treating more than 100,000 patients and performing community-assistance projects in Belize, Colombia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Panama.

The Comfort’s voyage is a massive technical and logistical undertaking. But behind all that work, however, is the simple fact that the United States continues to demonstrate its fraternal hemispheric commitment to a more prosperous and healthy Haiti, as just one element of the friendship between the United States and the countries in the region. 

About the Author: Brian Shukan serves as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
September 17, 2015
Which one is the USNS Comfort in the photo ? I hope it's not the little boat with comfort written on the side . I don't think that would help may people. ;) Just kidding ! I think their doing a great job, and helping many people around the world !
Wilfrid S.
Oregon, USA
September 18, 2015
Thanks for all your help USA
The hospital ship USNS Comfort anchored in Port-au-Prince during the first stop of the seven-nation Continuing Promise deployment in 2009 [U.S. Army photo by Spc. Landon Stephenson]
Posted by Brian Shukan
September 16, 2015


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