Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship, Creating Ecosystems for Economic Growth

The United States government is a proud supporter of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life and drive economic growth.

As Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, I have spoken with entrepreneurs around the globe and heard firsthand just how important it is to recognize small and emerging businesses during celebrations like Global Entrepreneurship Week. From Nairobi to Warsaw, and Marrakesh to Islamabad, the enthusiasm and energy of these men and women has been inspiring.

Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs Scott Nathan discussing the power of joint ventures and research between the United States and Poland. [State Department Photo].

In the United States, entrepreneurs make up the heart of our small business community.  Combined, they account for more than 50 percent of our country’s GDP and employ almost 70 percent of the country’s workforce.  These numbers tell me that we are doing something right.

How can we learn from these successes and help support innovation and the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world?

One of the ways is through the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Through this program, the State Department works closely with key partners to both support and promote innovation. Our goal is to connect U.S. companies, universities, think tanks, and other key stakeholders with emerging entrepreneurs. In doing so, we seek to support small and emerging businesses in their efforts to create jobs and foster inclusive economic growth.

It is with this in mind that I encourage all of you to join me and my colleagues in celebrating entrepreneurs the world over. By focusing the spotlight on the dynamism of the world’s entrepreneurs, we will not only give recognition where it is due, but we will also lay the foundations for continued economic growth.

About the author: Scott Nathan serves as the Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs. Follow @EconEngage on Twitter.

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Melissa M.
Indiana, USA
November 17, 2015
What a breath of fresh air. Especially in the news right now, we neglect to bring up the positive work that our government is doing globally, and the exciting innovation that is happening. I think this program especially is interesting because it's about movers and shakers. A lot of positive social and economic change has its roots in small coalitions. By helping to forge these relationships, new inventions, industries, and policies will be born that could make a huge difference in the world! I also like that the program seems like a round table discussion of things that worked or didn't amongst entrepreneurs rather than a hierarchy. My one questionable thought is that while many people do work for small businesses, many domestic small businesses fail, so I would be interested to learn what solutions the State Department has for keeping the businesses afloat, especially in the beginning. Altogether, I love that the Department is focusing some energy on positive international relationships and highlighting strengths and opportunities of people in other countries.
President Barack Obama, left, takes part in a panel discussion at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the United Nations Compound in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 25, 2015. [State Department Photo]
Posted by Scott Nathan
November 16, 2015


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