Looking Back on a Year of Progress in Global Food Security

Every December, we pause to reflect on the progress made in the past year in the fight to end hunger, poverty and malnutrition around the world.

While nearly 800 million people worldwide still go to bed hungry every night, that number has dropped in the last decade, due in large part to strong leadership and momentum across the globe to fight hunger and malnutrition.

In countries supported by the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future initiative and other large-scale U.S. Government efforts, local capacity to support food security, agricultural productivity and good nutrition continue to grow stronger.

Building on the leadership and commitment of both the Bush and Obama administrations, these shared endeavors have reached millions of people whose individual stories of success add up to meaningful impact on a large scale. Our coordinated efforts have significantly contributed to progress that, if sustained, will transform the futures of generations to come.

Browse the 2015 Feed the Future Year in Review for milestones of meaningful progress made against hunger, poverty and malnutrition this past year by Feed the Future and its partners.

In it, you will find highlights of:

  • Leadership in global food security and nutrition, including climate smart agriculture;
  • Progress made in 2015, including by the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program;
  • Partnerships that drove progress, such as those with U.S. universities and the Peace Corps; and
  • Momentum rallied through events such as Financing for Development and the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Through leadership and collaboration with our partners, we will continue to foster growth in emerging markets -- a fundamental component to reducing poverty, fighting hunger and improving nutrition. Feed the Future is making a difference, but there is still more to do. We look forward to the year and milestones ahead.

About the Author: Saharah Moon Chapotin serves as Deputy Assistant to the Administrator in USAID's Bureau for Food Security.

For more information:

Go to www.FeedtheFuture.gov and follow @FeedtheFuture on Twitter.

Bangladeshi farmer separates the husk from the grain during harvest. [AP File Photo]
December 30, 2015


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