Secretary Kerry Delivers a Statement on the Syria Negotiations in Geneva

This morning, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a statement on the Syria negotiations in Geneva.  Syria today is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, unmatched since World War II.

In recent months, a new and broad-based diplomatic initiative was launched, for the first time involving all the key countries in the conflict. The goal is to reduce the violence, isolate terrorist groups such as Daesh, and create the basis for the inclusive, peaceful and pluralistic Syria.

This weekend, we enter a pivotal phase of that diplomatic effort. Officials from the Syrian regime and an inclusive opposition represented by the High Negotiations Committee begin UN-sponsored negotiations in Geneva.  In his statement, Secretary Kerry urged both sides to "make the most of this moment -- to seize the opportunity for serious negotiations -- to negotiate in good faith, with the goal of making concrete, measurable progress in the days immediately ahead."

You can watch the Secretary's full statement here.

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Eric J.
New Mexico, USA
February 2, 2016

This is the third time trying to achieve peace through a political transition, and while it is true enough that "Diplomacy never fails to fail until it succeeds"; in this case repeated failure has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and millions were made homeless while Assad has remained in power.

If my government doesn't yet have a "plan B" in place in case there's no joy in Geneva....there's always this old post of mine to draw inspiration from today:

May 10, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Dear Dept of State and friends,

This is a short-form citizen's NIE on the challenge posed by dictators and tyrants.

Or simply one option that probably should be on the President's table in my opinion.

So without delay...

Call Assad and tell him if he doesn't cease and desist that America can make him homeless in 15 minutes or less, and then do it anyway just to prove it to him.

When he loses his fancy digs to a conventionally tipped ICBM, then maybe he'll stop and think about what you folks are telling him to do or not to do, but until then...he's going to act like a murduring tyrant.

And when he complains about the "legality" of the action, give him a second helping of what we just dished up and make the rubble bounce just to emphasize the point.

And tell him he's lucky to be alive to complain about it.

I'll say one thing as a hypothisis, not speculation...because it is my educated guess that he might be a wee bit more inclined to listen if you'all had a bull's eye painted on Ghaddafi's forehead and designated him personally as a legitimate "command and control" target before making that call to Assad.

If we can't set an example to these ethical infants that "bad things can and will personally happen to you if you make war on your people." then don't expect to bring the changes you'all want in today's world, OK?

No amount of diplomacy is worth failing to get the results folks can live with.

I mean it's not asking too much of other world leaders that they treat their citizens with a little respect and dignity, is this not the opinion of my government?

And when they fail to listen to reason, is it not reasonable to unilaterally get very unreasonable about what we condem in the strongest terms and go kinetic rather than diplomatic about it to put and end to the slaughter of civilians?

I'm sure there will be those who get puturbed over this, but they may be afforded the option of either being with us in dealing with madmen, or getting the hell out of the way.

We absolutely can and must ( if we believe in human rights) dictate the terms of existance or non-existance to leaders who abuse their people, sponsor terrorism, and generally violate international law on a consistant basis.

To do otherwise is to discard all reasonable hope for achieving our own national security goals.


- From the Dipnote blog: (syrian-people-have-inherent-right-exercise-universal-freedoms)

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
January 31, 2016


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