U.S. Diplomats Help Local Communities #EngageAmerica and Celebrate U.S. Independence

Every year in our Nation’s Capital, with hot dogs and sparklers in hand, families make their way to historic Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. to join in America's oldest and biggest Independence Day celebration. While many agree that there are few sights more specular than fireworks bursting against the beautiful and patriotic backdrop of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the 4th of July presents a moment for Americans in every corner of the country—from Portland to San Francisco—to gather to celebrate our Independence Day and the principles in our founding creed.

But, what about Americans who live and work abroad? You may be surprised to know that no one has greater excitement on America's birthday than our diplomats and other Americans living and working overseas. In fact, U.S. diplomatic missions and American ambassadors around the world dedicate themselves to hosting some of the biggest and best receptions and themed commemorations of the year to mark the occasion. They welcome expats, visiting Americans, and local citizens to our embassies all around the world for food, music, games, dancing, and fellowship. 

Hospitality and generosity are part of the American national character, and our missions are grateful to be able to share not only this holiday but also these values that connect Americans, wherever they may be. Last year, U.S embassies took part in some really cool celebrations. Check out this and last year’s photos from our missions in London, Paris, Guatemala City, Brussels, Nairobi, Prague, Ottawa, Tel Aviv and more!

These and many other annual Independence Day celebrations help honor and share American traditions and culture with our foreign friends, but also with our fellow Americans away from home. This year, were on the lookout for some truly amazing celebrations of our 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the beginning of the United States.

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U.S. Embassy Paris goes red, white, and blue for its 4th of July celebration. [State Department photo]
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July 4, 2016


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