United States Recognizes One-Year Anniversary of the Iran Nuclear Deal

One year ago today, representatives of the United States, Iran, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia, and the European Union reached an historic international agreement. That agreement was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly called the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Over the last year, the Iran Deal has succeeded in rolling back Iran's nuclear program, avoiding further conflict, and making us safer. 

U.S. President Barack Obama released a statement recognizing the progress made over the last year and steps Iran has made to implement its nuclear related commitments as verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  President Obama noted, “Iran has shipped out 98 percent of its enriched uranium, dismantled two thirds of its centrifuges, filled its plutonium production reactor with concrete, and adopted the most intrusive inspection and verification program ever negotiated for a nuclear program.”

The President continued, “IAEA reports have confirmed that Iran is complying with its commitments. As a result, all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon remain closed, and Iran’s breakout time has been extended from two to three months to about a year.  The United States and our negotiating partners have also fully implemented our commitments to lift nuclear-related sanctions, and we will continue to uphold our commitments as long as Iran continues to abide by the deal.”

In a video message to the Timbie Forum -- an annual conference aimed at fostering new voices and new ideas on nuclear policy -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also acknowledged that the Iran Deal is working. “Iran is living by the agreement we made,” he stated. “Every phase of Iran’s nuclear program is under close and constant scrutiny. And the world is safer because the danger of violent confrontation over Iran’s nuclear program – so threatening just a couple of years ago -- has receded.” 

In that message, Secretary Kerry also discussed our broader vision of a world without nuclear weapons. Pointing to the recent progress we’ve seen through the Iran Deal as an example, Secretary Kerry underscored, “There is much, much work left to do. And the progress made so far, and the gains that must still be made, can only take place through hard diplomacy.”

Similarly, President Obama concluded his message by reaffirming the importance role of diplomacy in yielding results on this important issue. “The JCPOA demonstrates what can be achieved by principled diplomacy and a sustained commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons," he said. "America's willingness to engage directly with Iran opened the door to talks, which led to the international unity and sustained engagement that culminated in the JCPOA.  We still have serious differences with Iran, but the United States, our partners, and the world are more secure because of the JCPOA.”

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James S.
United States
July 25, 2016

Nuclear power has Cons and pros.but its totally depend on us how we can use.

Sitting with Secretary of Energy Moniz and fellow P5+1 and European Union Foreign Ministers before completing the negotiations about the future of Iran’s nuclear program at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria
Secretary Kerry Poses for a Group Photo With Fellow EU, P5+1 Foreign Ministers and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif After Reaching Iran Nuclear Deal
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
July 14, 2016


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