U.S. Department of State Hosts Seventh Annual EducationUSA Forum for American Colleges and Universities

Lifelong educator and community college champion, Dr. Jill Biden, sent a powerful message in her keynote address earlier this month at the seventh annual EducationUSA Forum that “education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." The U.S. Department of State’s EducationUSA network reaches millions of international students each year and provides accurate, current, and comprehensive information about opportunities to achieve their dreams of studying in the United States.

At this year’s EducationUSA Forum, 575 U.S. higher education community representatives, 60 EducationUSA education experts from around the world, and government officials convened to share best practices on how to recruit, retain, engage, and support international students on American campuses. Participants discussed traditional and virtual recruiting strategies, promoting access through digital resources, emerging trends in international student mobility, community college outreach, and more.

The State Department understands that student mobility and access to international educational experiences are essential to the development of the next generation of global leaders who can collaborate across languages, cultures, and borders to address the most pressing challenges of our time. Secretary Kerry recently noted the importance of international student mobility to our work in foreign policy, calling it perhaps the single most important thing we do. He said, “In country after country that I have visited where I’ve had the privilege to meet with the finance minister, an environment minister, a foreign minister, a prime minister, or even a president, these individuals have taken advantage of programs of exchange during the course of their own education.”

Key foreign policy issues such as climate change, global security, and human rights will require that leaders in science, technology, business, and policy possess the knowledge and skills developed through overseas study. The EducationUSA network assists with this effort, hosting over 400 student advising centers in 177 countries. EducationUSA also administers the Opportunity Funds Program that assists highly talented students who lack the funds to cover the upfront American college and university application costs.

The efforts of the Forum and EducationUSA to create an inclusive, diverse population of international students around the world is essential to building the next generation of leaders abroad and right here at home in the United States. This is supported by the State Department and bolsters our commitment to engaging Americans on foreign affairs. We believe that internationalizing U.S. institutions is important because when American students learn from their international peers, or study abroad themselves, they significantly enhance their worldviews, perspectives, and working capabilities to meet today’s global challenges. 

About the Author: Karen Richardson serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Outreach in the Bureau of Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.

Editor's Note: This blog was brought to you by #EngageAmerica, a State Department public outreach program that strives to maintain an ongoing dialogue with you, the American public, about the important value of diplomacy and its tangible impact on American lives.

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anwar a.
August 24, 2016
The importance of education is one of the most prominent things that the human needs of science, because it meets all their basic needs, which seeks behind her, and education is a beacon that guided the people to the right path, which Saslkouna in this life, in addition to that education is the reason for appearing, progress and greatness, and this not only on the individual level; it is at the state level also, the state that keeps its educational system is a state that excels in all areas and at all levels, whether social or cultural or economic or military and in all other areas, which is why education is very essential for any country seeking behind the well-being of its people and their growth. Education has been and remains the first incubator for creativity as well as many other things, but that science polished creativity when a person, for example, increases the beauty of the music if instrumentalist educated to musicology, and increase the ability of working in the auto repair if the student of mechanical engineering, and so on; Valmohbh or skill when it meets science gets creative and evolving, hence every talented person him to polish his talent in science as much as possible; because science is the secret of success is a gem way too. Recipes learner nor can any person or persons to be a world in a certain order, if not possess the qualities that enable it to acquire this knowledge, it is the most prominent qualities that must be on each of the intended learning possess: patience, perseverance and seriousness in seeking knowledge; Patience and perseverance are Sbalan because man has beneficial knowledge will benefit him and benefit the people around him; for he was not aware of without them, asked the flag may be difficult in many cases, and the times which makes many people are distancing themselves from it, because of what caused the narrow them, but if they knew how much interest Segnoha of teach them what they did. Is a big mistake to link science to rule alone; Education is not be material only for goals, even if the economy is today an anchor on the knowledge, but there are other objectives of science should be her attention; science develops the brain, gives a human abilities were not present to him, logical like thinking for example, which should be acquired by engineering and scientific disciplines students, as well as self-control, which could be acquired by the students of the humanities and in particular religious science students, and this shows that the effects of science on human more than to prepare or numerous to count, and therefore everyone must The science behind the pursuit of a serious pursuit.
Kevin P.
August 29, 2016
Hello - is it possible to see a video or transcript of Dr. Biden's keynote address? Cheers, Kevin
Tadamasa T.
October 18, 2016
I am very impressed. Thank you.
maria j.
Texas, USA
November 30, 2016

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Dr. Jill Biden, (center-left) and Assistant Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan (center-right) pose for a group photo at the 2016 EducationUSA Forum. [State Department Photo]
Posted by Karen Richardson
August 22, 2016


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