International Information Programs Modernizes for the Future of International Outreach

Secretary Kerry recently cut the ribbon to open the Department’s most innovative and modern workspace, pioneered by the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP). The new, collaborative space -– combined with Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and new communication software – encourages creativity, transparency, and open communication across the Bureau. IIP teams are hard at work in the new space to create and launch information products and initiatives designed to connect people abroad with our policy priorities. The ceremony marked a milestone in a multi-year effort to improve the Bureau’s physical space and update the tools and technologies they use in support of public diplomacy programs around the world. 

Secretary Kerry complimented IIP on their modernized workspace and thanked them for their on-going work, recognizing the Bureau as “part of the critical vanguard in the transformation of the United States State Department, and diplomacy.”  

While at IIP, Secretary Kerry had the chance to tour the renovated office space and also hear from members of the IIP team about the Bureau’s work. He heard from IIP staff about how new analytics tools help IIP keep track of the Department’s social media reach, how new communications tools like Slack help our teams coordinate their work across offices and continents, and how access to Google Drive and Google Docs facilitates more efficient document sharing and collaboration. 

Renovating our office space has allowed IIP to create a more open and collaborative work environment as well as use their space more efficiently. The renovation has taken IIP from 150 cubicles to 152 standing desks, while expanding the number of conference rooms from three to 16, and creating six new collaborative areas for gather and work away from their desks. 

IIP’s modernization efforts began in May 2014. Through these efforts the Bureau will be better poised to support people-to-people conversations with foreign audiences on important U.S. policy priorities leveraging a talented team and the latest digital communications technology. 

About the Author: Jonathan Henick is a member of the Senior Foreign Service and currently serves as the Principal Deputy Coordinator for International Information Programs.

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Secretary Kerry Participates in a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for IIP's New Office [State Department Photo].
Posted by Jonathan Henick
December 5, 2016


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