Secretary Kerry Highlights the Role of Innovation in Addressing Climate Change

Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivered remarks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to highlight the continued importance of climate change, innovation, and the global transition to a clean energy future.

Calling the climate change issue “central to the world agenda,” Secretary Kerry discussed the deeply troubling trend in the earth’s warming climate.The last decade, he shared, constituted the hottest on record in human history -- with 2016 being the hottest of them all.

“Unless we take the steps necessary to change the course that our planet is on, the impacts that we have already seen will pale in comparison to what we will witness in years to come,” said Secretary Kerry as he described glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate, sea levels rising three times faster than they did in the 20th century, and an increase in extreme weather events.

Secretary Kerry also reflected on his recent trip to Antarctica, during which he met with scientists to better understand the changes occurring in our environment. Describing his observations and conversations with them, he noted, “These scientists urged me... to remind my own government, governments around the world, and everyone that I can that what we do right now – today – matters, because if we don’t go far enough, fast enough, the damage we could inflict could take centuries to undo – if it can be undone at all.” He went on the emphasized the need for the international community to translate the science into the policies that are necessary to fix it by urging, “we don't get a second chance on this one.”

Secretary Kerry also highlighted the invaluable role innovators can play in combatting climate change, just as they have in generating other transformative innovations throughout history. According to Secretary Kerry, not only do these changemakers have the ability to transform lives, they are contributing to a whole economic future. Underscoring the ability of innovators and startups to seize economic opportunity, Secretary Kerru raised a point about climate change that he feels is too often left out of the ongoing debate: “Never before...has the elimination of such a significant threat actually presented such an extraordinary level of opportunity.”

Secretary Kerry continued, “We face a choice right now between a slow-growing economy that is being held back by an over-reliance on fossil fuels versus an economy that is free to expand and grow by taking advantage of new technologies and sustainable sources of power. To be clear, pursuing cleaner, more efficient energy is the only way that nations around the world can build economies that will thrive for decades to come.”

Secretary Kerry also emphasized the need for continued commitment and a multi-sectoral approach to climate change. “Even if we accept that action is necessary, success is not going to come without sustained commitment, without deep cooperation and creative thinking. And it won’t happen without confident investors and innovative entrepreneurs, and it certainly won’t happen without leadership all across every sector of the economy at all levels of government,” he said.

As he concluded, Secretary Kerry reiterated climate change is an issue we should all care about and that each of us has an interest in a quick transition to a clean energy future. “I am convinced that if together we put in the hard work, if we stick to the revolutionary course that we’re on and keep faith with the revolutionary spirit that is the heart of this country, if we refuse to get sidetracked by those who cannot see beyond the outmoded and downright dangerous energy sources of the past, and if we have the common sense to respond boldly to the urgency of this moment, then we will unlock the enormous potential of these opportunities for our businesses, for our communities, for our future.”

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Shoukat S.
January 13, 2017
There is excellent contributions and significance of America's regarding climate change and Eco System disturbance due human activities consequences'We need to thought awaking of people's and as Global citizenship responsible behavior need to adaptive over these serious issue without boundaries.its comon and mutual issue which is damaging our planet.
Secretary Kerry Delivers a Speech on Climate Change at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts [State Department Photo].
Posted by DipNote Bloggers
January 10, 2017


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